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Increased weekly revenue by 762%


Youfoodz is an innovative fresh meal home delivery service that’s all about making a healthy lifestyle as easy and enjoyable as possible. Saving people time and money, so that they will never eat frozen again!

The Situation

Youfoodz was experiencing consistent growth but needed to move to the front of the pack in a saturated market of home food delivery. With growth goals of over 5% per week they needed a partner who could not only find additional customers but effectively retain them to create weekly recurring revenue.

The Strategy

Alley took a holistic approach reviewing data and analytics across a multitude of sources to calculate and determine the best media mix to spur and sustain growth.

By implementing across numerous tactics, Alley was able to use cohesive data to precisely target both prospects and customers with the highest lifetime value with tailored ads, acquiring substantial conversions and qualified traffic.

Once acquired, Alley helped to retain these customers by pulling together data (on-site behavior + purchase history) and used predictive algorithms to remarket to that consumer at the precise time with relevant promotional advertising.

By utilising data and reporting key insights and recommendations, Alley provided Youfoodz the tools to make informed decisions in not only marketing, but in a number of aspects through the business.

The Result

Via Alley Acquire, Youfoodz has acquired 35,000 new customers while utilizing Alley Retain to increase retention rate by 21% and saved over $100,000 from churned customers. Combined together, Alley Acquire and Retain has been key drivers of a 762% increase in weekly revenue within less than 12 months.

The bottom line

We set aggressive targets that many up-and-coming businesses would consider ‘unrealistic’ and it is because of our partnership with Alley’s methods and professionalism that we have been able to exceed those targets each and every month.

Lance Giles CEO, Youfoodz

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