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173% ROI Increase while Increasing Revenue


Reid Cycles is home of Australia’s best value bikes and bike accessories. Their mission is to grow the bike riding community by making it fun and easy for everyone to ride a bike, every day.

The Situation

After being established in 2009, Reid Cycles went through a period of rapid growth but by 2014 they were spending a significant portion of their marketing budget with a diminishing ROI and lack of insight into the cause.

The Strategy

Through a complete data analysis of Reid Cycles’s digital marketing channels, Alley was able to identify key areas of improvement and developed a strategic growth plan aimed to increase traffic, onsite conversion and overall revenue.

Alley fully optimized Reid Cycles’ campaigns to maximize available budget, investing in the most profitable micro-segments (i.e. time/day, geolocation, behavioral and demographic segments) to drive customer acquisition with the highest ROI. Alley also implemented a “catch strategy” across paid search and retargeting in order to catch any demand from upper funnel tactics resulting in an additional highly efficient revenue streams.

The Result

By employing Alley’s fully managed solutions, Reid Cycles achieved some remarkable results, reaching an overall revenue growth of 137% and an ROI increase of 173% across campaigns.

The bottom line

We’ve seen our revenue grow significantly since working with Alley, and continue to be pleased with the improvements in ROI as they tweak the account to get every efficiency they can out of it.

Clem Robin Digital Marketing & Campaigns Manager

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