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Netgear is one of the world’s most recognised networking technology companies, providing consumers with innovative products that meet the increasing demand for lightning fast broadband speeds and unlimited bandwidth.

In early 2017, Netgear was ready to launch its new generation of Home WiFi system, Orbi. Easy to use and providing congestion free internet, Orbi is the first and only home WiFi system to utilize dedicated Tri-Band technology.

The Situation

Aimed at mainstream consumers, Orbi was to be marketed as an easy-to-use yet ceaselessly reliable Home WiFi system. However, with a higher price point than many other products, and a competitive landscape made up of bigger brands with bigger marketing budgets, Netgear required a solution that would enable them to communicate at scale why and how Orbi was a superior product, whilst keeping media costs minimal.

The Strategy

To introduce and bring Orbi to the forefront of a crowded market, Alley took an agile approach. The strategy was designed as an iterative and data-driven process that would ensure every dollar spent was maximised to successfully achieve Netgear’s goals.

Alley used data from campaigns running in real time, which was then fed through predictive algorithms and look-a-like modelling systems. This allowed Alley to constantly optimise and implement ads that would directly target Netgear’s highest potential customer segments–narrowing in on the right creative with the right messaging at the right time and in the right context–at a significantly lower cost and with minimal media wastage.

The bottom line

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