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Developed by Netgear, one of the world’s most recognised networking technology companies, the Arlo brand comprises of smart home security cameras. Utilizing cloud connectivity and wireless technology, the Arlo provides a seamless and reliable viewing and recording experience, enabling users to sit back and relax.

The Situation

The home security market is incredibly dense and highly competitive, thus launching a new product into it is fraught with risk. Arlo has several products under their brand umbrella, each with unique specifications and corresponding target audiences, making marketing successfully for each an intricate task. Arlo was further restrained due to not directly selling products through their website, making tracking and measuring campaign performance complex.

In order to successfully overcome these challenges, Arlo needed a solution that would ensure their marketing budget stretched effectively across their entire product range, and enabled the ability to scale campaigns globally across several countries.

The Strategy

Alley knew that the key to success would be successfully measuring ROI across all digital channels. Through building a custom attribution and measurement model, Alley was able to implement a data-driven and integrated cross-channel campaign, starting lean but setting up to enable rapid scale as soon as the perfect audiences and media mix were identified.

By monitoring and segmenting the data collected in real-time, Alley was able to serve highly tailored ads optimised for the most relevant and profitable customers for each of Arlo’s products.

In doing so, Alley successfully drove down acquisition costs and scaled Arlo’s marketing campaigns across all products in several international markets.

The bottom line

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